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Warning Signs for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss most often occurs gradually, in many cases the individual doesn’t notice until someone brings it to their attention.

Like most health concerns, problems can be avoided when diagnosed and treated earlier.

Know the warning signs:

  • Trouble hearing in noise
  • You hear, but don't understand
  • Ears Ringing
  • and more!

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Our patients love us.

  • Wow, what a thorough hearing evaluation! I try to be an educated consumer before making decisions. Hearing aids are a big decision but I was blown away by how comprehensive of an exam I got from Mr. Shilot at Beltone. I have worn hearing aids for years and previously had aids from Miracle Ear and Costco and the quality of care and clarity of the devices I received from Beltone was head and shoulders above the rest.

    Ken J. — Charleston, SC

  • Every time we go to Beltone, Mike goes way beyond what we need! He always answers questions, listens to our concerns, and takes care of any issues we have with the hearing aids.

    Dennis K — Walterboro, SC

  • I would like to review my new Beltone Imagine It has been nearly 3 months and just love them. Been a Beltone customer for 16 yrs I have enjoyed this Company very much for service I met with Rob who tested me and showed me the new technology and the sophisticated testing it was night and day with the new ones. I was unaware how much I was missing. The Beltone HearMax lets me control from my IPhone for sound adjustments in different environments. Thanks again Rob at Beltone in Bluffton.

    Loraine H. — Bluffton, SC

  • I received a letter from Beltone and was really surprised by all the science and thought that goes into fitting modern hearing aids. These are not your "grandfathers" hearing aids, They connect to my phone and my TV. My wife says I should've done it years ago. Chose Beltone because I remember my grandfather did have hearing aids when I was a boy from Beltone, so it's a name I trusted.

    Dean M. — Summerville, SC

  • Professional, caring, skillful staff who give great service whenever it is needed after you get the hearing aids. I recommend them without hesitation.

    Anne D.

  • I am absolutely ecstatic with my new hearing aids! Hearing having been a big obstacle in my life, I am at a loss for words. The professionalism of my Audiologist and the Administrative Assistant goes above and beyond. Beltone Hearing Aids have changed my life forever. Never to worry about answering with the wrong answers or even being afraid because I could not hear is now a thing of the past. Thank you Beltone Hearing Aids Center and our local office for all you have done to improve my life! 5/31/20 Update: Thank you Beltone Hearing for being there during these crisis. You provide my batteries, you stayed connected and you are very caring about your clients. Thank you.

    Georgina B. — North Charleston, SC

  • My husband received his new hearing aids earlier this month. He has worn hearing aids for the last 20 years, but his hearing had gotten progressively worse to the point we could barely have conversations. Rob at Beltone took the time to really test his hearing and explain his deficiencies. He is not only hearing better but now has an expert to assist him as there may need to be adjustments. The office staff is also super friendly and accommodating.

    Linda S. — Edisto Island, SC

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10 Warning Signs for Hearing Loss

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